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Last updated Sep-23-2003

If you are a machine retrofitter, here is what you have to know.

We supply the control, NCPlus, and documentation. You can also get cables cut to measure.
You'll have to do the mechanical and electrical installation, train your customers and give them service.

To upgrade old controls you need their schematics, then you have to design your own wiring diagram.
All inputs and all outputs are connected to the control via I/O boards (included).
The control generates analog outputs and receives encoder feedback.

You can use the original or get new servo drivers and/or motors.
Remember that without high speed and high acceleration servos there will be no high-speed cutting.
Axis feed should be 15,000 mm/min or better (no less than 10,000 mm/min).
Acceleration should be 0.1 g (1 m/sec^2) or better.

There are a few machine files that are tailored to each application (CNX, PLC etc.).
These files include standard routines like Power-On, M-functions, and drilling canned cycles, and you have to write the specific functions for your machine, like tool-changer.

You'll have to train your technicians for that.
We will help you with these files via email and this website.

Thanks for your interest!