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NCPLUS 2000 - 8-Axis CNC Control Software

Copyright © 1988, 2007 by Gil Hagiz

High speed, High accuracy, PC Based, Open Architecture

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Please note
This is a high end control and it is sold and installed by authorized dealers only
It is not intended for hobbyists or for do-it-yourself projects

If you are an end-user

What's in it for You?

Increased Productivity

High Speed

High speed is a buzzword these days, but not all high-speeds are created equal.
NCPlus easily cuts complex contours at 400 ipm (10,000 mm/min) or faster because of:

Nanometer Technology

All internal motion calculations are performed in 1 nanometer resolution (ultra-high-precision nano interpolation).

Huge programs

Version 5 supports program size of 3-4 million lines; version 6 is limited by disk size only.

Virtual W

For 3-axis machine, virtual W looks like a 4th axis. Using it moves Z of course.
This lets you raise or lower the tool manually the same as with actual W, and even while the machine cuts, by the handwheel (MPG).

Mid program start

A few simple steps let you Start from the Middle, and no access to the program is needed.
You can seek a line in the program or the current position of the tool.
You are in full control while NCPlus guides you thru the sequence; nothing is going to move by itself.

Rigid Tapping

Rigid tapping is available for machines with servo spindle.
NCPlus does rigid tapping by interpolating Z with the spindle. This is done digitally and doesn't require any periodic adjustment. The pitch is programmed rather than feed-RPM combination.

5-axis machining

With the optional TCP features (Tool Center Point) you get:

Ball and Bull nose cutter radius comp

This compensation can be used with 3D contouring if your post-processor generates IJK vector in addition to XYZ.
It also works with 5-axis profiling.

Manual programming

If you do manual programming, NCPlus has a lot to offer:

Open architecture