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Mid Program Start

An-103, Copyright © by Gil Hagiz
Last updated Oct-14-2003
For version 5.11 and higher

N Display

Three different displays can show where the part-program is. They can be switched any time:

As many programs today don't have block numbers, Line count is a good substitute.
Percentage gives you a rough estimation where you are in the program.
All three are useful for mid program start.

Note: N display is cleared upon program start or program end, but not upon Reset.

Virtual W

For a 3-axis machine, virtual W looks like a 4th axis with position display in inch or mm. Using it moves Z of course.
This lets you raise or lower the tool manually with even more control than actual W.

Mid Program start

To start a program in the middle, NCPlus scans the program fast until it finds your starting point, so all modal and incremental data are current. Your starting point can be defined in a few ways:

Here is how it works

You run a 200,000 line program.
Power failure. Broken tool. Reset.
New tool is loaded. To resume work you have to start from line 100,000.
On your mark - Get set - Go!

5 easy steps guide you thru the restart sequence.
You are in full control. Nothing is going to move by itself.

Step 1

Select Search from the Main Menu (F10 | 3)
Enter 100000 (or where the program stopped)
Leave blank to find current XY

Step 2

The program runs in test mode, scanning 40,000 lines per second.
When done you can let it search for more lines or proceed.

Step 3

Program is ready to move to XY.
Feed override is zero. Distance to go is displayed.

Step 4

Before resuming Z it's time to start the spindle. Most recent spindle command is ready.

Step 5

Program is ready to resume the most recent programmed Z.
Feed override is zero. Distance to go is displayed.

That's all folks!

In less than a minute you are ready to run.
Press CS to Run. You are still in Single, just in case.
If necessary, use the virtual W to fine-tune the depth on-the-fly.