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AB Rotary Tables Setup

An-102b, Copyright © by Gil Hagiz
Last updated Apr-19-2007
For version 6.11 and later


This application note describes the setup of dual rotary AB table for 5-axis TCP machining.
The TCP capability is provided by a separate BIN file. Without this file the machine can work as a regular 5-axis non TCP machine.



H5 should be used for all programs that requires TCP. In this mode the XYZ coordinate system is that of the part, not the machine. Drilling canned cycles move Z only.
In Manual, H5 moves the machine XYZ, same as drilling, and H3 is used to move in the part coordinates.


This set up can be performed by a superuser only.
To avoid unintentional set up, the superuser has to change the security level in plc@50 to 0.
In MDI type: @50=0
Line numbers for setup data relate to the machine.cnx file, in the machine data area after line n30000.
Before you start:

Setup general

To set the machine zero for an axis proceed as follows (X is used as an example):


Setup A-axis

Setup B-axis

Setup XY

Setup Z

Final test